Why Cyber Security Careers?

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. As everything moves online and remote work becomes the norm, more and more people are needed to protect personal and business data. This creates a huge opportunity for students to enter into a lucrative career path at the end of their educational journey.

Benefits of cyber security:

  • In 2022, 25,000 unfilled cyber security positions in Canada
  • Virtually a 0% unemployment rate
  • Women in cyber security are more likely to advance into senior leadership roles at a faster rate than men
  • Dynamic and growing industry

Our mission is to help students gain the skills and knowledge to position them as qualified candidates to fill the vast number of cyber security roles being created now and in the future.

Please explore to find resources, events and more to help your students learn all about cyber security!

Students sitting in a classroom studying their monitors while a teacher is instructing the class.

Classroom Presentations

Our classroom presentations have been developed to introduce students to cyber security, touch on careers and put them in the driver seat of a cyber security expert with our cyber range technology.

  • 1 hour in your classroom
  • Can be booked when works for your classroom
  • Requires access to computers and internet**
  • Email CyberWave@MITT.ca to book your session
Person looking at their computer monitor

Career Viewbook

The career viewbook was developed to be a student’s first look at careers in cyber security. Download a free copy to distribute to your students and help them learn more!

  • 15 career profiles
  • Education paths
  • Salary ranges
  • A day in the life

Download now

Student studying a monitor

Free Introductory Cyber Security Courses

EC-Council has created 3 free courses to give students introductory skills in cyber security. Download the PDF for full access to videos and PowerPoint slides.

  • Great to supplement in-class learning
  • Learn Network Defense Essentials, Ethical Hacking Essentials and Digital Forensics Essentials

Download now